A System to EXCEL In Exams

Practices make perfect? Not necessary. Having too much to study can cause anxiety in students and dilute their interest in the subject. Coupled with endless practices, it's no wonder students start losing interest and getting grades that do not truly reflect their abilities.  

Simplify. Organise. A nalyse.  Rationalise

S.O.A.R. methodology is designed to help students in managing information systematically by breaking down hefty amount of information into manageable units before applying specific strategies to learn, to solve and to score with ease.  By incorporating S.O.A.R. into the lessons, students will be equipped to produce desirable outcomes that boost their academic performances, along with their interest in studies.

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The Centre of Authentic Learning

Geno House Tuition and Enrichment Centre offers MOE-aligned tuition programmes for Mathematics and Sciences at Primary and Secondary levels. In collaboration with SD Group, Geno House runs Junior College Economics and Mathematics classes. With a strong belief in applied knowledge, the centre houses groups of field practitioners in the Teaching & Curriculum Planning Department to operate classes in their areas of expertise; some whom had appeared on CNBC, CNA, BBC, StraitsTimes, Mediacorp Frontline, local radio channels, while others are authors and editors of assessment books. The Centre had been voted as Best Enrichment Centre for Systematic Teaching Approach and Customised Materials by ParentsWorld Magazine.  


Learning is not just about academic performance, therefore, Geno House lessons are integrated with intriguing activities to nurture the child intellectually and holistically. The centre also emphasizes on building a culture of community learning, where the staff and students of different levels interact with each other (outside tuition hours) for learning, sharing and problem-solving.  


End result? An achiever who puts knowledge into action. 

How will your child learn in our Group Setting
and still Achieve results? 

Geno House structures our lessons using the Four-Step Model of Group Learning. 

Group tuition or private?

"Knowing the unknown riddle"

Knowledge is boundless. The main benefit of group tuition is to discover knowledge that your child does not even know that it exists- until his peer raises the question! 

However, if your child has identified his weakness in a particular area of study and needed constant applications solely in that area, private tuition might be a better choice. Nonetheless, to see desirable improvements, do ensure that the tutor is geared with a good curriculum and teaching pedagogy.  

Knowledge Acquisition

At this stage, students will grasp concepts and theories using S.O.A.R. methodology as a study strategy. They will be equipped with the skill of producing effective study notes and summary maps in and across topics. Lessons are also conducted with appropriate pedagogy pertaining to the content. 


At this stage, students will be given questions designed to master S.O.A.R. methodology as a Solving Approach. Here, they will learn a step-by-step approach to process information systematically when presented with questions. 


At this stage, students will apply proficiently the methods learnt to a variety of questions from school papers, assessment books and other resources. 


At this stage, tutors will assess the outcome of the evaluation and propose refinement to boost or enhance the learned skills.

Our Strengths

Effective Methodology

Team Geno creates our unique Study Approach and Solving Technique, the S.O.A.R. Methodology, which builds upon a systematic way of learning to streamline the thinking process, improve clarity and produce quality answers that boost scores. 

Robust Curriculum

Our weekly tutorials are selected from our extensive database of questions, both created by our curriculum team and collated from a variety of resources, to align with the progress of the classes, ensuring that learning takes place at the optimal pace to achieve the best results! Geno House wrote our series of assessment books, S.O.A.R. In Science!, which are available in Popular Bookstore. 

Dedicated Tutors

Our teaching team comprises of former teachers, academic achievers (Ph.D. holders), award-winning lecturers, assessment book writers and stringently chosen collaborators. Every tutor is trained to deliver lessons with the same delivery system to assure the quality of all classes.   

Ms Daisy Wee




Ms Daisy Wee has over 15 years of teaching experiences in English language. Her passion and competency in education were directly reflected in her education career path...

Dr Michelle Chang


P.hD, School of Medicine, NUS

B.Sc (Biomedical Science), NUS

Dr Michelle holds a Ph.D in Biochemistry from NUS medical research school. She had published Scientific journals and had formerly worked in local hospitals as Research Scientist...

Ms Blyss Chang

English, Science

M.App.Fin, MU

B.Sc (Life Science), NUS

Blyss is the co-founder of S.O.A.R. methodology and author of assessment book series, Soar In Science!. A strong believer in strategic studying and holistic development, she develops...

Mr Daniel Soh

Math, Econs

M.Soc.Sci., NUS

B.A. (Statistics), NUS

B.A. (Economics), NUS

A renowned Economist who possesses an extensive profile in both the finance and education sectors, Mr Daniel has devoted his life into educating youths. He was formerly the Lead...

Ms Joanne Lee

English, Science

B.Sc (Chemistry), NUS

Ms Joanne Lee has over 10 years of experience teaching in local schools before joining Geno House. Her knowledge and caliber as a teacher had seen her leading...

Our Core Curriculum Team

Tommy Teo
Jing Shan Primary

"I enjoyed my lessons at Geno House as they are fun and enriching. The tutors are also kind, helpful and showing a lot of patience in helping me with my studies. Thank you for helping me to get good grades for my PSLE. 

Vernette Law 
Teck Ghee Primary

"Vernette who is taking her PSLE this year has been with Geno House since Primary 3 and her results especially for Maths has seen tremendous improvement thanks to the dedicated and friendly teachers who went extra mile for the students. Thumbs up to Geno House in creating a motivating environment that encourages her a lot in her studies."  - Mom

Christine Ong

CHIJ Marymount Covent

I enjoyed my lessons at Geno house. The teachers are very kind and patient. Their notes are very comprehensive, making it easy for me to understand certain concepts that I struggled to learn in school. My tutors would also create challenging questions to test our knowledge, which proved to be helpful during my examinations.

James Lee 
St. Gabriel's Secondary

"I had been failing both my math and science in S3. Being the last in position for my school cohort, I got worried and decided to join Geno House. At first, I started to improve slowly but surely. I began to pass both my math and science, which thereafter progressed with better grades. Under their patience and guidance, I managed to score A1 for science and A2 for math in 2018 'O' levels examination. Thank you Geno House! :) "

Our Little Clients

Little Scientists
Never too young to learn science!
It takes a team to complete a task.
Explore Photosynthesis
Check out the bubbles!
Colourful Flowers
Using natural water carrying tubes to change the colour of the petals!
One Happy Lady
Learning is fun!
My Advertisement!
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Little Chemist
One more step to get my erupted volcano!
Cool Guy
Who says smart chap cannot be cool!
Acids or Bases
Simple way to create indicators from cabbage to test the acidity of solutions.
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It takes a team to complete a task.