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A System to EXCEL in SCIENCE

Is your child at a loss spending hours practicing Science questions but couldn't get the results that he wants? Or perhaps your child has no idea why he isn't scoring full marks for his answers despite using his own key words? Has he already lost confidence in Science as the subject gets harder and tougher?  

These outcomes are casued by the Problem of Not Knowing! Not knowing how to study, not knowing how to apply what they learnt, not knowing how to write complete answers or not knowing the exam strategies!


Simplify. Organise. Analyse. Rationalise. is a system designed by Geno House and used over the past 10 years to help students manage information systematically. It involves breaking down of hefty amount of information into manageable units and applying appropriate strategies to solve and score for Science. Using S.O.A.R., our students are well equipped to achieve remarkable improvement in Science regardless of past performance and bring them closer to their desirable result! 

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Vi-yan Yew
Chongfu Primary

Vi-Yan: “Geno House has helped me build up my confidence in Science. I love the experiments conducted during lessons! The summary maps are great for my revision.”

Mother of Vi-Yan: “I am particularly impressed with the way Geno House structures their worksheets to allow the kids to establish a strong Science foundation and be ready to tackle the tough PSLE questions. Incredible passion and commitment from all the Teachers! Thank you! “


Vernette Law 
Tech Ghee Primary

"Vernette who is taking her PSLE this year has been with Geno House since Primary 3 and her results have seen tremendous improvement thanks to the dedicated and friendly teachers who went extra mile for the students. Thumbs up to Geno House in creating a motivating environment that encourages her a lot in her studies."  - Mom

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Jaron Ng
North Oaks Primary

"My boy attended Science at the centre. Within 6 months, his results rose from B to A*. Kudos to the passionate teachers at Geno House.  Prior to exams, the teachers even worked more closely with the students to make sure that they understand the concepts well. I will definitely recommend Geno House to those parents who wants their kid to excel!" - Mom


Tommy Teo 
Jing Shan Primary

"I enjoyed my lessons at Geno House as they are fun and enriching. The tutors are also kind, helpful and showing a lot of patience in helping me with my studies. Thank you for helping me to get good grades for my PSLE. "

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Why Geno House Classes are Effective?

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Geno House structures our lessons with P.A.S.S. to ensure mastery of skills in a class setting.


  • Student learns the fundamentals using S.O.A.R. Study Approach. 

  • Student is trained to solve Science questions using S.O.A.R. Strategic Solving. 

  • Student's progress is monitored using our K.E.E.P. framework of group learning

  • Our educators will deliver the classes using proven pedagogies to teach, communicate and enhance learning.  

Our Secrets to Your Child's SUCCESS 

Effective Methodology

Geno House curriculum team creates  unique Study Approach and Solving Technique, the S.O.A.R. Methodology, which builds upon a systematic way of learning to streamline one's thinking process, improve clarity and produce quality answers with key words. 

Robust Curriculum

Our weekly lesson materials are selected from our extensive database of questions created by our curriculum team, and are customised to align with the progress of the classes to ensure that learning takes place at the optimal pace for your child! Topping up with Geno House series of assessment books, S.O.A.R. In Science, your child is well-equipped to solve every exam questions confidently. 

Dedicated Tutors

Our teaching team comprises of former teachers, academic achievers (Ph.D. and Master holders), award-winning lecturers, assessment book authors and stringently chosen collaborators. Every tutor is passionate and committed to his or her calling and is well trained to deliver quality lessons through Geno House tutors'  training programme. 

Small Group Tuition Benefits Your Child

Knowledge is boundless. The topmost benefit of group tuition is to discover knowledge that your child does not even know that it exists, until his peers raise the questions! 

Small group tuition promotes discussion and team effort, which sparkle curiosity and interest in Science, therefore assimilating learning into long term memory. Moreover, healthy competition among peers motivates students to do their best, be consistent and discipline - desirable traits of an Achiever. 

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