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Welcome to Genohouse Science Junior Education, the leading provider of Science Enrichment Classes for Primary levels since 2011. Our mission is to empower every student, irrespective of their previous academic performance, to achieve exceptional results in Science through a comprehensive and user-friendly approach. 

At Genohouse, we firmly believe that with the right strategy, every student can excel in Science. That's why our dedicated team has invested years of research and expertise in developing effective Systems and Methodologies for mastering Science learning. Through our proven strategy, numerous students have experienced remarkable improvement in Science, consistently scoring above 85% in the subject. We take pride in our ability to help students unleash their full potential and achieve outstanding academic success. 

Join us at Genohouse Science junior and embark on a transformative journey towards Science excellence. Experience the difference our tailored approach can make in your child's educational journey.

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Our Assets For Your Child's Success

Effective Methods

We are committed to facilitating remarkable advancements in Science through the implementation of robust systems and processes. With our innovative S.O.A.R. methodology, we empower students with a systematical problem-solving approach that enhances their analytical skills and critical thinking abilities. Our S.O.A.R. methodology is seamlessly integrated into the K.E.E.P. system, which oversees the learning process and closely tracks students' progress to ensure the effectiveness of group learning and provide personalized support to each student. With Genohouse's cutting-edge methodology and monitoring system, students can confidently navigate the intricacies of Science, unlocking their full potential and achieving breakthrough results.  

Robust Curriculum

We take great care in designing our lesson plans and materials to enhance content clarity and foster a sense of enjoyment in learning Science. Our team has meticulously curated an extensive database of questions with well-defined objectives, catering to different levels of difficulty. These questions are developed by our experienced curriculum team, who are renowned authors of Science assessment books and guidebooks published by reputable Publishing Houses. To enhance seamless progression, our weekly lesson materials are thoughtfully aligned with the pace of the classes. This synchronization guarantees that learning occurs at the optimal rate, allowing students to grasp concepts effectively.  

Dedicated Tutors

Our Science team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced educators. Led by former teachers, academic achievers (holding Ph.D., Master's and Bachelor's degrees), and award-winning educators, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional instruction. Our team includes accomplished authors of science assessment books and guidebooks, further enhancing their understanding of the subject matter and instructional strategies. We meticulously select our teaching collaborators, ensure that each tutor undergoes rigorous training to deliver high-quality lessons. Passionate and committed to their calling, our tutors go above and beyond to provide intellectual and holistic coaching to ensure our students receive comprehensive guidance and support in their educational journey. 

Science Is Fun & Engaging @ Genohouse

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