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Established since 2011, Geno House specialises in Science Enrichment Classes for Primary and Secondary levels. Geno House believes that every student, regardless of past academic performance, is able to achieve remarkable results in Science using a comprehensive, easy-to-follow strategy. With that in mind, our team has spent years of research to develop Systems and Methodologies for mastering Science learning. Over the years, our strategy has proven to  help many students achieve tremendous improvement in Science and to consistently score Above 85% for the subject. 

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Effective Methods

Geno House creates the S.O.A.R. method to equip students with a systematic solving approach to improve their analytical skills and critical thinking abilities. Geno House further incorporates the methodology into the K.E.E.P. system that supervises the learning process and monitors students' progress to ensure the effectiveness of group learning.  

Robust Curriculum

Geno House creates an extensive database of questions with clear objectives pitched at various difficulty levels, written by our curriculum team who are authors of Science assessment and guide books published by reputable Publishing Houses. Our weekly lesson materials are aligned with the progress of the classes to ensure that learning takes place at the optimal pace. 

Dedicated Tutors

Our teaching team comprises of former teachers, academic achievers (Ph.D., Master and Degree holders), award-winning educators,  science book authors and stringently chosen collaborators. Every tutor is passionate and committed to his or her calling and is well-trained to deliver quality lessons through Geno House tutors'  training programme. 

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