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Our Strategy

Genohouse invested significant amount of time and effort to study students' learning behaviour and develop Learning Systems and Education Materials that empower students to speed up their learning curves for achieving Academic Success in Science!

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With the new AL scoring system, it's no longer how well you have done against the cohort, but how much you can achieve for yourself. It's no longer competing against the peers but instead, to succeed together.

In such environment, small group learning stands out to be more beneficial in boosting students' learning. 

Apart from having structured curricula, learning in a small group enhances one's ability to brainstorm, share ideas and to discover new knowledge and perspectives while giving ample attention to each individual. These activities help one to cultivate critical and analytical thinking skills as they open doors to more in-depth discussions. Moreover, group learning promotes healthy competition among peers that motivates one to do his/her best, be consistent and disciplined – the desirable traits of an Achiever.

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K.E.E.P. For Effective Small Group Learning  

Therefore, to ensure the mastery of Science and its effectiveness in a small group setting, Genohouse created the K.E.E.P. system of learning.   

KEEP System

K.E.E.P is a comprehensive system that encompasses effective ways to acquire information, process those information and retain them in the long-term memory. An example is to produce carefully curated topical summary maps, embedded with thinking processes and commonly tested concepts. These summary maps have proven to cut down as much as 80% of revision time. Genohouse also makes use of mnemonics to improve memory retention of important content! 


To establish students' competency, Genohouse equipped students with the S.O.A.R. methodology, where they focus on streamlined thinking processes to solve science problems. 

To evaluate their learning outcome, Genohouse closely monitors and reviews the application of our strategies on resources from our curated materials, school assignments and past year papers. Our weekly lesson materials are slected from our extensive database of questions created by our curriculum team, and are customised to align with the progress of the classes to ensure that learning takes place at the optimal pace for our students.


On top of that, Genohouse purposefully sets timed assignments to prepare students for major examinations, which is especially important as many schools have ceased testing at various milestones. 

Over the years, the K.E.E.P. system has proven to help over thousands of students regardless of past academic performances to achieve remarkable improvement in Science, with many P3 to P6 students consistently scoring above 80% for tests and exams. 

Science Mind Maps
science exam questions

Find summaries, thinking processes & keywords from Genohouse Maps!

K.E.E.P. system
S.O.A.R. methodolody

S.O.A.R. Methodology

Simplify. Organise. Analyse. Rationalise

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S.O.A.R. is an innovative streamlined thinking process developed by Genohouse, designed to empower students in effectively managing and mastering information. Whether used as a study method or a problem-solving approach, S.O.A.R. enables students to break down overwhelming amounts of information into manageable units, while applying proven strategies to excel in the field of Science. 

Our comprehensive approach includes the strategic analytical process known as 3C-analysis, guiding students through a step-by-step methodology for solving problems and presenting answers with precision. By incorporating the right structure and targeted keywords, S.O.A.R. equips students with the tools to achieve perfect scores, particularly benefitting those who grasp the concepts but struggle to express them flawlessly. 

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