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Full names of younger students are omitted to protect their identity

Before I joined Geno House, my Science marks hovered around 75-79%. Now that I am in Geno House, I have been getting A*! The teachers are very nice and approachable... 

I took English and Science tuition in Geno House. The classes were very fun. The tutors were able to help me with my questions all the...

"I enjoy my Science lessons. I used to score around 70% to 75% for my Science exams. Ever since I joined Geno House last year, I have ...

Geno House has tutored my daughter for her Primary 6  since end April. With the close guidance of her tutor, her grade had improved ...

A. Wong
Mayflower Primary

Science Consistent A* 

QX Chaw
Townsville Primary

Science SA1 A | SA2 A* 

C. Ang
Mayflower Primary

Science Consistent

G. Tan
River Valley Primary

PSLE English A

Having tuition at Geno House is awesome. The tutors explain clearly to us the concepts, which help us to understand our works so much better...

I am doing EMS in Geno House. The tutors here are friendly, smart and patient. Their lessons are very interesting and encouraging... 

I took English and Science tuition in Geno House. The classes were very fun. The tutors were able to help me with my questions all the...

My Science tutor was very kind and patient. She taught me a lot of new things and explained concepts clearly in class. My Science improved...

V. Chan
Teck Ghee Primary
PSLE Science A | English 

A. Kwok
Mayflower Primary

Consistent Improvement 

S. Ling
Zhong Hua Primary

PSLE Science A | English A

R. Tan
Catholic High 

PSLE Science A* | English A 

I enjoyed my classes. The tutors were very friendly and nice and helped me to improve in my marks! They are very fun and interactive too...

I took Math and Science tuition in Geno House. My tutors have helped me to improve a lot in my work. I like the way they taught me, it... 

"I took EMS at Geno House. I like the classes here. The tutors are able to help me to understand my work better. I have improved...

The teachers at Geno House are very patient with me. My results have improved since I joined Geno House. The people in Geno House ...

L. Chan
Canberra Primary

Science from SA1 C to SA2 A

XY. Ye
Ai Tong Primary 

Science SA2 A | Math SA2 A

S. Yong
Compassvale Primary

SA2: Sci A | Math A | Eng

E. Koo
Marymount Covent

SA2: Sci | Math A | English A

I find the teachers very helpful and enthusiastic. At the start of my secondary school life, I struggled in Sciences, mainly physics...

I started attending Science lessons with Genohouse after my P5 CA1. I scored only 58 then. All thanks to my Science tutor's dedication and ...

Geno House is the place that I will gladly recommend for parents who are considering the numerous enrichment centres we have in Singapore...

The Science classes were clear and helpful. I liked the experiments conducted in class. It helped me to understand the topics better...

C. Ong
CHIJ Katong Covent

Science A2 | Math A1

D. Lim
St Nicholas Girls' 

Science SA2 A

Parents of A. Lim
Yang Zheng Primary

Sci: CA2 89.5% | SA2 97.5%

E. Tan
Mee Toh Primary

Science SA2 A

Geno House has provided a holistic learning experience to my son. Teachers are thoughtful, approachable, patient and dedicated...

When I found Geno House, my girls began to show enthusiasm for tuition and their results ever since improved. The tutors made...

The lessons were exciting and it helped me to understand my work. When I do not understand any questions, thank you for taking out...

Geno House uses unique teaching methods that make learning easy for STing. She has shown great improvement in her results over a short...

Parent of L. Tang
Jing Shan Primary

Parent of Boh's Sisters

Hougang Primary 

L. Woon
Jing Shan Primary

Science SA2 A 

ST. He
Hong Wen Primary

PSLE Science A | English A

His lessons are engaging and I have learnt important concepts from the detailed explanations and real-world examples that he provides....

I have developed skills not just in the field of Economics, but also with regards to the art of learning. His knowledge in the area of Economics...

I was struck, on the first lesson, by how engaging and efficient my Economic tutor's class was. He focused on the fundamentals of Economics...

He is one of the very few economics tutors with real-world experience. Due to his rich experience as a practising economist, he is able to...

H. Lim
Hwa Chong Institution

A-lvls Economics A

Rick Wong 

Hwa Chong Institution
A-lvl Econs A with Distinction in H3 Reseach

Jerry Tan
Raffles JC

A-lvls Economics A

Metta Sari
Hwa Chong Institution

A-lvls Economics A

My Science tutor teaches us Science in a very interesting way. She tells us Science stories and does experiments with us. I am very happy to ...

Apart from being super engaging, he has a unique way to explain Math concepts that I could grab easily. He definitely played a big part in...

Having failed and barely passed English for most of my secondary 3, I felt hopeless for my 'O' level exam. However with the tutor’s patience...

My Economics tutor has a way of making every complex Economics theory into something easy for his students to understand...

JY. Kong 
Teck Ghee Primary
Science # to 85%

Jewel Ng

St Margaret's Secondary

O-lvls Amath A1 | Emath A2 

Pak Hui Dan
St Margaret's Secondary

O-lvls English A1 

Luan Ling
St Andrew's JC

A-lvl Economics A

... strengthen my understanding... the practices that he assigned were targeted and useful in perfecting essential answering techniques

Mathematics used to be my favourite subject until I entered JC, where my grades averaged around a U or S. At that point, I had almost given up on Math...

Over the few months at Geno House, I began to feel more confident in Math and it was directly reflected in my examination results.

In class, he employed interactive learning. He did not spoon-feed us with answers but rather, he led us into uncovering them by ourselves.. 

Chong Shumin 

Hwa Chong Institution

A-lvls H2 Math A

Elaine Teo 

Anderson Junior College

A-lvls H2 Math A 

Wee Guang Ming
Victoria Junior College

A-lvls H2 Math A 

Valerie Wong
Compassvale Secondary