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Consistently score A* (AL1) for Science 
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Before I joined Geno House, my Science marks hovered around 75-79%. Now that I am in Geno House, I have been getting A* (AL1)! The teachers are very nice and approachable. When we do not know how to do our questions, we can easily seek help from the tutors. The notes given to us are very clear and it makes revision easier. I can even remember contents much better now. Also, my Science tutor guides us with practices that really make us think! Even if we got the answers wrong, she will carefully explain to us. Andrew Wong, Mayflower Primary School 

Established Strong Foundation in Science
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Vi-Yan: “Geno House has helped me build up my confidence in Science. I love the experiments conducted during lessons! The summary maps are great for my revision.”

Mother of Vi-Yan: “I am particularly impressed with the way Geno House structures their worksheets to allow the kids to establish a strong Science foundation and be ready to tackle the tough PSLE questions. Incredible passion and commitment from all the Teachers! Thank you! “ - Yew Vi-yan, Chongfu Primary School 

Improved tremendously in Science 
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I joined Geno House since primary school. My Science tutor was very kind and patient. She taught me a lot of new things and explained concepts clearly in class. My Science improved tremendously. As secondary sciences become increasingly difficulty, I continue my Science tuition with Geno House. My Science tutors are able to use similar systems to deliver the contents. And the "short-cut" method taught to me are so helpful that I scored 90% for my Science test! I would highly recommend my friends to join me at Geno House. - Robbin Tan, Mayflower Primary School (PSLE A*) 

Excel in Science with Encouragement and Practices
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My Science was weak, especially during P5 when there was a huge jump in the difficulty of the syllabus. So I started enrichment classes at Geno House. At first, I was rather worried that I couldn't do well even with the enrichment classes. However, my tutor encouraged me and assured me that I can excel in Science with the practices given. In the end, I managed to get AL2 for Science for PSLE! Thank you teacher! - Desiree Toh, CHIJ St Nicholas' Girls School (PSLE: AL2)

From AL6 to AL3 for PSLE
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During P5 to P6, my results had been in the 50-range (AL6). After attending lessons at Geno House, I started to understand more concepts. All the teachers are very friendly. Whenever I have any queries for my school work, the teachers would help me. Instead of giving me answers directly, they will prompt me with questions to help me understand better. After every exam, they would provide feedback and point out areas needed to work on. They also provide a lot of useful revision materials like the summary maps. Eventually, I managed to score AL3 for my science for PSLE. Thank you teachers of your guidance! - Tan Jun Yu, Ai Tong School 

Clear and helpful materials...
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Having tuition at Geno House is awesome. The tutors explain clearly to us the concepts, which help us to understand our works so much better. The materials are very clear and helpful. The tutors are very knowledgeable and friendly. Especially my Science tutor, I feel extremely comfortable with her. She encourages and motivates me. I believe I can do well. - Venise Chang, Teck Ghee Primary School (PSLE A)

Approachable, Patient and Dedicated Tutors 
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Geno House has provided a holistic learning experience to my son. Teachers are thoughtful, approachable, patient and dedicated who showered my son with much care and concern. My son's grades have since improved.
- Mother of Lincoln Tang, Jing Shan Primary 

Tutors who genuinely care... 

I have picked up many useful information during my classes. The teachers at Geno House are very helpful and they give us many useful materials too. The teachers not only help me to get better results, they also motivate me to work harder to achieve my goal for every tests. When there are questions that I don't understand, the tutors are always so willing to spend extra time outside class to answer my queries. The tutors genuinely care for us. I am glad I am in Geno House.
- Sean Lin, Zhong Hua Primary School (PSLE

Lessons are Exciting and Easy to understand
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Thank you teachers for teaching me! The lessons were exciting and it helped me to understand my work. When I do not understand any questions, thank you for taking out your time to teach me patiently. You are awesome and kind!
- Lynn Woon, Jing Shan Primary School (SA2:

Improved from C to A after joining Geno House!
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 I enjoyed my classes. The tutors were very friendly and nice and helped me to improve in my marks! They are very fun and interactive too. The materials that they gave were really useful and I used them to study for my revision! I would love to invite my friends along too! - Lecia Chan, Canberra Primary School, from C (SA1) to A (SA2)

Love, Passion and Commitment to teach

Geno House is the place that I will gladly recommend for parents who are considering the numerous enrichment centres we have in Singapore. Geno House encompass what a centre should first equip with to teach the kids well - Love, Passion and Commitment. My girl started her 1st year science not being able to grasp the essence of science well. While she managed to get a decent score in her P4 Sa1 this year, we decided that she probably needs some professional guidance to develop and cement the fundamentals well before she embarks on upper primary science. We reviewed Geno's philosophy and their science materials and trusted God to entrust our girl to Geno. In the 4 months that follows, we see her progress and witness the teacher's effort. We thank God for the 12 points jump in her most recent SA2 papers to a score of 97.5%! I like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Blyss. She is very knowledgeable and has a way with the kids. She makes learning enjoyable without which it makes a subject difficult to master. How we hope to have started in P3 with her. But while 4 months is short, the knowledge and skills imparted is great! We will be continuing our sincere appreciation, thank you Ms Blyss. - Parent of Amaevia Lim, Yang Zheng Primary School ( CA2: 89.5%, SA2: 97.5%)   

Fun and Well-understood Classes 
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I took Science tuition in Geno House. The classes were very fun. The tutors were able to help me with my questions all the time and I could understand the class well. The classroom was very comfortable too. I hope Geno House will become famous! - Chaw Qi Xuan, Townsville Primary School (SA1: A, SA2: A*)

From failing to scoring 85% after joining Geno House
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This is my first year studying science. I failed my science CA1 and my father brought me to Geno house for science tuition. My Science tutor teaches us Science in a very interesting way. She tells us Science stories and does experiments with us. I am very happy to get 85% for my CA2. - Kong Jin Ye, Teck Ghee Primary School (from # to 85%)

Nice place for studying Science 
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I like the classes here. The tutors are able to help me to understand my work better. I have improved! Geno House is a nice place to study. I like my tutors and friends!" - Sherlyn Yong, Compassvale Primary School, SA1: B, SA2: A 

Motivating Environment for Learning 
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Vernette who is taking her PSLE this year has been with Geno House since Primary 3 and her results have seen tremendous improvement thanks to the dedicated and friendly teachers who went extra mile for the students. Thumbs up to Geno House in creating a motivating environment that encourages her a lot in her studies.

- Mother of Vernette Law, Teck Ghee Primary School 

Unique teaching methods that make learning easy...
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Geno House uses unique teaching methods that make learning easy for Si Ting. She has shown great improvement in her results over a short period of time. Their lessons are lively and fun, and she simply loves them. I am very satisfied. Thanks Geno House. - Mother of He Si Ting, Hong Wen Primary School 

Tremendous improvement... Dedicated Teachers 
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Thank you teacher for your dedication and passion in teaching Kandyce. She enjoyed your lessons especially doing experiments. I believe she will continue to excel with Geno House. - Mother of Kandyce, Anderson Primary School 

Improve from C to A
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I took Science in Geno House. My tutors helped me to improve a lot in my work. I like the way they taught me. It was interesting and effective. I love the place and my friends. Thank you teachers!
- Ye Xin Yi, Ai Tong School ( SA1:
C, SA2: A

Friendly, Smart and Patient Tutors
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The tutors here are friendly, smart and patient. Their lessons are very interesting and encouraging. Unlike som boring lessons I attended before, I enjoy every class here. I can understand better with the notes that my tutors gave me. The tutors are very nice and always explain things clearly. We did experiments during Science and that helped me to learn a lot easier. I have improved a lot using the methods to answer my science questions. I scored 71.5% from D! I am glad to join Geno House. - Aaron Kwok, Mayflower Primary School ( from D to 71.5%)

Useful Summaries for Revision 
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The teachers at Geno House are very patient with me. My results have improved since I joined Geno House. The people in Geno House are humorous and humble. During our science classes, we also did experiments. These sessions are awesome and very helpful. They definitely helped me to understand the science concepts learnt at school. I believe I can apply the concepts to my science questions easier now! Our tutors also give us very useful summaries and I always use that for revision. It's fun learning at Geno House, I love the lessons here. - Eugenia Koo, Marymount Convent (SA2: A

C5 to A2 for Secondary Science 
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I find the teachers very helpful and enthusiastic. At the start of my secondary school life, i struggled in sciences, mainly physics. However, my science tutor patiently guided me and with those materials given, I improved from C5 to A2. 

- Christine Ong, CHIJ Katong Covent 

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