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Key Words in Primary Science

Over the years, we have come across many concerning parents with questions like “Does your centre use keywords in (primary) Science?” or “My child did not score well because he is not using the right keywords in his answers.”

Needless to say, it is the job every tuition centre to seek for the right keywords that are used in Science and programmed into the curricula- through encounters and experiences. But what about those who do not attend tuition classes and hence do not get to enjoy such ‘luxury’?

Here are the suggestions of some easy ways where students can pick up those keywords by themselves. It does take a bit of effort considering students are young learners and may need more time to put together information.

(1) Corrections from school tutorials

Many kids probably do corrections for their mistakes as obligations. But this way of picking up keywords from corrections is impeccable! Moreover, if he regurgitates those words in exam and does not get the marks, correction sheet instantly become evidence!

(2) Given Options in MCQ

Every MCQ gives a selection of options and the keywords (especially the correct option) will be imbedded in it. Besides, it seldom happens that schools will randomly use words in the other options, except that the inaccuracy of content is intended. Hence, this can be a good way to find the right words / phrasing to use in your section B answers.

(3) Science Assessment Books

Many assessment books (based on MOE syllabuses) these days have included keywords in their answers. (Like our S.O.A.R. In Science! that incorporates keywords into our study notes, summary maps and answer sheets). To ensure that the phrasing method works, students could simply pick up the phrases, use them in their school tutorials and wait for the papers to come back! Why do we say so? Different schools have different expectations.

We personally encounter a student who get full marks for using the phrase ‘get oxygen’ while another kid got a BIG, RED CROSS! Reason? The comment in his exam wrote ‘take in oxygen’. (Thankfully, our students are taught ‘take in oxygen’)

Hope these tips help!

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