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GO! Genohouse Online Home-Based Learning

Our tuition programmes are available in 3 modes of delivery; physical, online and hybrid. Find out more about our digital learning platforms.


Primary Science

Lectures, Tutorials and Practicals

Explore the World of Science in Geno House through the cycle of inquiry-based learning and science investigations to promote higher-order thinking skills. Delivered by experienced tutors with strong pedagogy and customised materials, be fully engaged in Hands-On, Minds-On and Authentic Learning in Science! 

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) 

This section tests on the understanding of concepts in Science, their ability to link up the ideas within and across topics, as well as to interpret the options with precision. 

To assist your child in the understanding of contents, Geno House maps out each topic in a Summary Map, alongside with Mighty Notes, making clear and concise the key words, concepts and the links in a topic. Referencing across summary maps will bring out the inter-relation of topics; an essential skill at upper primary. Experimental sessions are also incorporated into the curriculum to boost their interest in Science. To minimize carelessness in the selection of MCQ options among students, we put together a checking system using methods such as the elimination method.

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Geno House Summary Map

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Free Response Questions (section B) test the ability of students to identify concepts and utilise specific keywords to translate into answers. Apart from using summary maps and notes to ease the selection of keywords, the lessons are taught with S.O.A.R. methodology that helps by providing strategic frameworks to stream keywords into answers with precision. 

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Geno House also equipped our students with the 3C analysis method to solve science structured questions. 

Read our testimonials and witness how many students, regardless of past performance, get instant improvement in booklet B with this method!

With the right pedagogy in place and guidance from the Science experts, your child is able to master Science concepts effectively, sharpen his/her ability to identify keywords and develop a solid framework for studying.


Science is instantly made fun and easy, with more free time and less stress! End result? A Happy Achiever!


Primary Mathematics

Lectures and Tutorials

In collaboration with qualified external partners, the Math classes held at Geno House premises use distinctive methodologies and heuristics to approach mathematical problems and reach for the solutions. Your child will be taught theories and topical concepts, as well as mathematical approaches (e.g. heuristics) to be applied across topics to break down word problems into simple bite size and apply the mathematical approaches effectively in unfamiliar contexts. 


Over the years, Geno House sees many children being overwhelmed with the use of heuristics to solve the increasingly challenging word problems. In order to nurture their interest in Mathematics, Geno House drills them at intervals.

Your child will be guided in solving section A and B of typical Math questions from different sources to enhance the understanding of concepts and the use of the mathematical approaches- aim to secure maximum scores in these sections. Following, he/she will be taught the level 1 'Fundamental Solving Approach' to tackle word problems by identifying the requirement of the questions, which will advance to level 2 'Heuristics'. In this manner, your child will get to learn and master mathematics progressively at a good pace. 

If your child advances at a faster pace, he/she will be given additional materials to challenge the mind and sharpen the thinking skills! 


Secondary Sciences

General Sciences (lower secondary), Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Lectures and Tutorials  

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Scientific knowledge is ever increasing and evolving, so do the requirements of students. More-so, question setters will be increasing the scope and depth of their questions, challenging the limits of their knowledge.


At Geno House, the Science curriculums are created by a strong curriculum planning team led by Dr Michelle Chang, a former research scientist by profession and an existing lecturer, The regular syllabuses are supplemented with interesting and recent snippets and sound-bites, to make Science not just another academic subject, but a learning journey infused with an ever-expanding sense of wonders! Not only will the students glean useful knowledge, our practice materials are rigorously designed to systematically guide our students to apply knowledge and produce effective solutions for complex problems.

  • Robust curriculums developed by industry expert

  • Comprehensive topical summaries


Secondary Mathematics

General Math (lower secondary), Elementary Math and Additional Math

Lectures and Tutorials  


Mathematics in Singapore has come a long way from being manageable simply from rote, repetitive practice of the ten-year series. The environment is now one where Singaporean students top international competitions regularly, which drives question setters and grade curves to be adjusted accordingly. More than ever it is important to gain a leg up in managing an increasingly challenging syllabus and our meticulously crafted systems and materials will go a long way in achieving that. Prepared over many years of experience and adjusted in line with the new syllabus, these will help to guide students through the wide array of question types. Furthermore, they will be exposed to  unique higher-order questions that are designed to help students to the boundary of their potential, and push beyond it. 

  • Meticulously crafted systems for content delivery

  • Uniquely designed materials to maximise student’s potential

  • Exposure to  a wide array of question types


GO! Genohouse Online

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GO! Genohouse Online uses multiple digital platforms to deliver classes with the aim of aligning the quality of the classroom sessions to the online classes. 

[1] Live-streaming on Zoom

The entire duration of the classroom session is live-streamed on Zoom. Tutor stays online to deliver lectures and tutorials as usual, adopting additional online resources to facilitate learning. Recordings of classes available upon request. Geno House uses enhanced security measures during Zoom session to ensure the well-being of our students. Click here to find out more of the security measures. Technical support and manual available. 


[2] GenoHouse EduShare (GES)   

Containing a large database of questions written by Geno House Curriculum Team, GES enables customisation of tutorial questions for different classes to align with the progress of the students. Additional practices and materials will be provided to enhance learning. Tutors get to monitor the progress of the students and refine the learning paths to maximise the efficiency of the classes. Class forum available in GES for discussion among peers and tutors. 



[3] Resource management on Google Classroom

Lesson materials and videos are organised in Google Classroom and made available for all our students. Submission of homework can be done via Google Classroom or emailed to the respective tutors. 

[4] Additional pre-recorded lesson materials 

Science demonstration and explanation of certain academic content are pre-recorded to be used as revision at our students' own time and pace. 

[5] Geno House Tuition & Enrichment Centre YouTube Channel 

Available for Science content, videos explaining Science concepts, tips and tricks can be found on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel and spice up learning! 

[6] All-day Group Chat by level and subject 

Chat groups are created by subject and level for students (and parents) to communicate academic and administrative matters. 

[7] Maintenance of Optimal Student-Tutor Ratio and Class Schedules

To minimise changes to students' schedules, the online streaming sessions follow the usual classroom schedules. The  Student-Tutor Ratio is maintained at the usual optimal level to ensure the quality of e-learning. 

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