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2021 Enrollment Begins October

01 October 2020

Enrollment for 2021 classes begins in October. Class schedules are available on our website. Registration on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Introduction of GES learning management system in 2021

28 September 2020

Geno House introduces our first Learning Management System, GenoEduShare (GES) for our Science programmes in year 2021!

Students will get access to centre resources, lesson videos and discussion forum to enhance communication for a better learning experience!

Term 4 ends 28 November

30 September 2020

Term 4 (2020) ends on the 28 November 2020. There will be no regular tuition classes from 29 November 2020 until 03 January 2021.

Do catch us for more updates on December holiday workshops and booster classes!

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