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2023 Enrolment

Steps To Enrolling with Us for 2023! 

  1.  Choose your preferred class timing from the schedules below

  2. Choose an alternative class timing that may work for you

  3.  Click on 'Register' button to access to Google form and input the required fields and your choices

  4.  You will be directed to a page with the other enrolment details (i.e. fees, discount package)

  5.  Click 'Submit' once you have confirmed the details. 

  6.  Our friendly Customer Care Representative will connect with you for payment & confirmation!

2023 Class Timing

Class Timing

2023 Term 1 begins from Monday 02-January-2023.

Secondary Math 29dec.png

Calendar for Academic Year 2023

2023 Academic Calendar

Fee Structure, Discount Packages & Payment Details

Fee Structure
2023 Fees V2.png
2023 Discount Package V1.png
2023 Payment Mode V2.png
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